Cleft Awareness: Outside the Box

March 14, 2018

It's a beautiful day here on the Canadian prairies. The snow is melting and our family is getting over the last (insert prayer emoji here) bout of winter illnesses. I hope today brings you a warm sun and endless JOY! So, in the hustle and bustle of life with three boys - sending one off to school, dropping another off at preschool, a quick stop at the grocery store... I thought to myself, "How can we create more cleft awareness in our world?"

HA! No I didn't. Often, what we do is just a byproduct of going about our daily lives. My son's cleft has not affected our daily lives for quite some time. But, I still believe that it is important for us to spread positive awareness in regards to visible differences where we can while we continue to educate ourselves and use our talents to do so in the process.

So, as I was going about my day today, I got an email and that email sparked an idea. I'm going to be all mysterious here and make you wait in suspense for the full story, but I will tell you the basic plan. The plan is to start a blog. 

I've never had the urge to start a blog until now, which is kind of surprising seeing as I'm the editor of two books full of stories - basically a book of one hundred-plus, Readers' Digest version blogs. But, maybe that's because I'm okay with being the facilitator of stories. I'm here to share YOUR story. I want people to know that there are lots of families going through the same thing they're experiencing right now.

Getting back on topic here, I guess with this blog I will add "Facilitator of Cleft Awareness" to my bio. Continue following along with me here to gain new ideas on how you can spread more cleft awareness. I will let you know about cool websites and products and how you can use them in your cleft journey and generate positive cleft awareness.

March 14, 2018 - The beginning