Putting together a collection of cleft stories is an incredible way to lift spirits
and support others that are traveling the same road.
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>>We have compiled cleft stories written by parents of cleft affected children to create a book titled, I Wish I’d Known… How Much I’d Love You!  This first book was published in 2013 and we are gearing up for the launch of the second edition titled I Wish I'd Known Clefts Create Courage

>>The books includes stories, photos, our cleft survey results, cleft information, resource lists, cleft frequently asked questions and more!



>>We are simply some moms of cleft affected children who have gathered together to work on this project. Julie Cwir is the compiler and editor for the book.

>>We are not an organization, nor are we affiliated with any group or organization.

>>Dr. Andrew Ordon of The Doctors TV Show has written the foreword for I Wish I'd Known... How Much I'd Love You.

>>Jackie Elton of Transforming Faces has written the foreword for I Wish I'd Known Clefts Create Courage

>>Proceeds from your book order will be going to Cleft Charities. There are many wonderful cleft organizations that we support through social media as well. So far, donations have been made to Smile Train, Transforming Faces, About Face, and Cleft Advocate.



>>I Wish I'd Known... How Much I'd Love You was published December 2013. The book can be ordered online, through your local bookstore, or you can purchase an ebook via Amazon. People on our email list will be receiving updates along our journey.

>>I Wish I'd Known Clefts Create Courage will be published December 2017.


>>Because of the wonder of the internet, this whole book has been put together online and is available for purchase worldwide through Amazon. Contact us if you are having trouble ordering.

>>Stories have been submitted from all over the world. You don’t need to be from a certain country or culture to submit a story or enjoy these books!



>>We have a stories to share. We have experiences and advice to pass on to others. These books are incredible resources to those in the cleft community and others wanting to learn more.

>>We also aim to bring about cleft awareness through Facebook, Twitter, and media.

>>Why I Wish I’d Known… How Much I'd Love You? After first facing the news that their child has a cleft condition, many parents go through a grieving period. This first phase of the cleft journey can be sad, depressing, frightful, stressful and leaves many heavy-hearted. Once parents meet and bond with their precious and perfect child, they all come to the realization that love conquers fear. The love that a parent has for their child is so great that it surmounts any grief, any stress or sadness. Also, with each story submission, we ask what the parent wishes they would’ve known about their cleft journey.

>>Why I Wish I'd Known Clefts Create Courage? Those born with a cleft may experience a lot more physical and emotional struggles than those born without a difference. These life experiences shape us in to the people we are destined to be. These children are brave, beautiful, happy, loving, sensitive, and COURAGEOUS. Despite their uncommon journey, cleft children are just like anyone else and are NOT defined by their physical difference.



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>>Tell everyone you know about our book!  Parents of cleft affected children, medical professionals, as well as the everyday person will find this book interesting

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