What to Bring to Surgery

The key to preparing what to bring for surgery is to bring anything your child needs to feel at home.  Call the hospital and see what things they provide.  Often baby essentials will be available, but be mindful if your child is only able to use specific kinds/brand (e.g. diapers).  Know what your surgeon recommends for post-op feeding and care and be sure to bring along supplies for that or confirm if supplies will be provided by the hospital.

-          Zipper sleepers or button-up clothes; those that don’t pull over the head

-          A new toy (one with lights and music)

-          A favorite stuffed animal or blanket, favorite toy and/or book

-          Feeding Supplies: know what your surgeon recommends post surgery and bring accordingly.  This may include bottles (a variety as the surgery may change the way your child feeds most comfortably), pumping supplies, syringes (may be supplied by hospital), a bottle brush to clean if using bottles, the same formula you use at home (if using)

-          Electronics can be used to keep you occupied during the surgery, keeping your hurting child entertained, as well as providing white noise in a noisy hospital: phones, music, portable DVD player, laptop (And don’t forget the chargers!)

-          Tissues

-          Snacks or change for a vending machine

-          Support: It is beneficial to have support from family and friends and take turns caring for your child.

-          Bring a change of clothes for everyone.  Wear clothes that are fine to get dirty, as there may be blood.  Comfy clothes and shoes

-          Your own pillow, blanket, slippers, sweater and toiletries

-          Whatever comforts your child: bouncy chair, rocker, exercise ball,

-          Something to keep you busy: crotchet/kitting, cards, phone, electronic games, magazines, books

-          Medications (if needed)

-          Non-spill adult cups for hot drinks

-          A journal to write your experiences down

-          A swaddling blanket (helps keep hands away from surgery site), Boppy pillow

-          Bubbles, I-Spy book or bottle, balloons

-          Diapers, wipes, etc. (See what your hospital provides and go from there) as well as anything else needed for a regular trip away from home.

-          Contacts of those you want to update

-          Socks with the toes cut off to put overtop of the arm restraints to keep them on

-          Camera: take lots of pictures.  It may be difficult, but may be helpful to someone or your child in the long run

-          Patience

-          Remember to take care of yourself also

-          The thing your child will want most of all is your loving arms and lots of love and cuddles

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