A Big Operation - by Richard Scarry

A Special Smile - by Julie Graham 

Before the Lark - by Irene Bennett Brown

Children with cleft lip and palate (speech resource) - by Mary Hardin-Jones

Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal - by Karl Schonborn

Cleft Talk for Kids - by M Johnston-Burnham

Cleft Thoughts - by Joe Rutland

Comprehensive Cleft Care - by J Losee

Don't Despair, Cleft Repair - by Karen Lipman

Facing Cleft (informational resource) - Danya Health/AmeriFace

Facing it Together - by About Face

First Place - by Kate Gaynor

Girl Perfect - by Jo Jenkins

I Love you Now, I Loved you Then - by Kate Isles (unavailable)

I Love you Now, I Loved you Then  (in Chinese and English)

Jessie’s Blessing - by Judy Maus

Katie's Dream - by Mariette Vermeylen-Nuyts

Lippy the Lion  -  by Joanne Green

Rosey... Imperfect Angel  -  by Sandra Lee Peckinpah

Shifting Faces - S Saxena

Shining Scars - by Krystian Leonard

Simon and the Buddy Branch - by Patricia Simon

Smile with Simon - by Patricia Simon

Special Smiles - by Dr. S Shridharani

Stop Singing People Might Hear You - by M Burglehaus

The Blue Book  -  Cleft New Zealand Inc. (for NZ residents only)

The Church of 80% Sincerety - by David Roche

The Cleft Affected Child  -  by Carrie T. Gruman-Trinkner

The Girl with Many Faces - by Brenda Scott-Coleman

The Red Cat - by Nancy Fabian

The Story of Thumper Cleft Affected Bunny - by Joanne Green

Totally Normal: Survivors guide to cleft lip and palate - by Paul Little

What Did You Say? (memoir) - by D H Gillard

White Bees - by Amy Jo Wilde

Wonder - by R J Palacio

Words in the Dust  -  by Trent Reedy

Your Cleft Affected Child - by C Gruman-Trinkner

Zoe, a Cool Cleft Kid - by Beth Gore and Zoe Gore

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